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Sku: TB-1696B


630nm Red Light Therapy

  • This light helps to stimulate the production of collagen, and increases cell regeneration given the skin elasticity and firmness. Using the red-light therapy will smooth fine lines and give the skin a youthful glow. 415nm Blue Light Therapy

  •  Blue light is suitable to treat active acne and prevent breakouts. This light provides anti-inflammatory benefits helping to kill acne-causing bacteria on the skin’s surface. Smart Auto-Timer

  • This device features a smart auto-timer. The device automatically turns off after 12m when in red light mode and after 5m when in blue light mode. This smart auto-timer helps to provide precise skincare. Water-Drop special Treatment Surface

  • The device treatment surface shape was specially designed to perfectly fit facial contours. The slightly curved shape hugs the cheeks for close and effective treatment. USB rechargeable battery

  • Convenient to charge and environmentally friendly.


STEP 1: Cleanse the skin before using the device.

STEP 2: Wear protective goggles to protect the eyes.

STEP 3: Turn on the device and choose the red or blue light mode according to your skin needs.

STEP 4: Place the light therapy treatment surface close to the skin and use it uniformly on the entire face.

Recommended Use:

  • Red light therapy: Use the red light therapy twice a day for 2 minutes on each area and a total of 12 minutes on the entire face.

  • Blue light therapy: Use the blue light therapy twice a day and a total of 5 minutes on the entire face.