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  • All-Natural Disinfectant Maker
  • Humidifier and Air Cleanser
  • Deodorizer
  • Disinfectant Fogger
  • 99% Sterilization
  • Remote Controlled
  • 15 Hours Continuous Atomization

It's an all-natural disinfectant maker - through a process called "electrolysis," the product uses water and salt to create natural air disinfectant.
It's a humidifier - puts out fine mist for essential moisture in the air for better breathing and ambiance.
It's a deodorizer - cleanses the air from bad odors.
It's a disinfectant fogger - provides up to 99% sterilization from bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

1 x Humidifier Unit
1 x Remote Control
1 x Spoon
1 x Spray Bottle

  • Voltage: 220~240V
  • Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Rated Power: 32W
  • Area Coverage: 20-50m2
  • Atomization amt: 250-350ml/h
  • Noise: ≤35dB (A)
  • Tank Capacity: 4L

Low Concentration: (100ppm)
Electrolyze 4L of water & 20 grams salt for 30minutes.

Medium Concentration: (700ppm)
Electrolyze 4L of water & 20 grams salt for 1 hour.

High Concentration: (800 - 1000ppm)
Electrolyze 4L of water & 20 grams salt for 2 hours.

Please note:
Only water and salt can be used on this item.
When in use, keep the product at least 2 meters away from delicate furniture/materials and home appliances as the product creates moisture.
Natural disinfectant made through the product should be used within 14 days.
Only use clean water to create natural disinfectant.
Product must not be placed anywhere near sources of heat.

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