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JML Aerostyler Hair Dryer JHC-JSON


1. Power: 1200W

2. Wind speed: 23 meters (one inch from blowing mouth)

3. Three temperature setting: 60℃/140℉, 80℃/180℉, 100℃ /210℉

4. There is a cold wind gear (often press the wind speed key)

5. Air flow 84 m3 / h 

6.Air flow rate 28000rpm/min

7.Brushed motor

How to use

1. Switch function:

Press and hold the “ ” button for 2 seconds to turn on the machine, the default hot air low temperature and low wind speed are turned on, and the red light (air temperature) and green light (wind speed) are always on at the same time. In any state, press the "" key for 2 seconds to shut down.

2. Temperature adjustment function:

In the state of default temperature and fan speed when power on:

Short press the " " key once to switch from the default low temperature setting to the medium temperature setting (the low temperature indicator light and the middle temperature indicator light are always on).

Short press the " " key again to change from medium temperature to high temperature (all air temperature indicators are always on)

Short press the “ ” key again to switch from high temperature setting to low temperature setting (low gear temperature indicator light is always on), the rest can be done in the same manner.

3. Wind speed and cold air adjustment function:

In the default low wind speed setting state at startup:

" " key: low wind speed medium wind speed.

●Short press the " " key again: medium wind speedhigh wind speed. .

●Short press the " " button again: high wind speed gear - low wind speed, circulate in order.

Low wind speed indication: Green light is always on.

Middle wind speed indication: blue and green lights are always on (Cyan light after color mixing)

High wind speed indication: The blue light is always on.

press and hold the " " button to output the cold air. At this time, the indicator lights of the temperature setting are all off, the wind speed setting indicator will remain the same as the original wind speed setting indicator, and the heating wire will stop heating. , release the " " key to restore the warm air state

4. Protection function:

When the temperature exceeds the rated temperature, the temperature control switch 

Need to cut off the power supply, and the temperature FUSE on the wire rack will also be blown when the temperature exceeds 240-°C.