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Specifications:  Charger Voltage: 100-220V ~ 50/60Hz  Charging current: 2600mAh
Rated Voltage:      21V Max
Rated Pressure:   1160 PSI = 80 BAR Rated Flow:           250 L/h (without Long Barrel Nozzle)
                                210 L/h (with Long Barrel Nozzle)
Initial Charging time: Up to 4 hours Subsequent Charging Time: 2 to 4 hours

Your Hydroblast Pro Gun is delivered in a brand-new and factory-fresh condition, but it may require initial priming to remove trapped air pockets in the pump system.
To remove air pockets, press the trigger while gently agitating the hose with the filter inside a bucket of water.
It might take approximately 20 seconds for the washer to consistently disperse water.
Once a continuous flow is achieved, you are ready to proceed. Release the trigger to stop the flow.
To prevent the washer from turning on, press the left side of the Safety Lock button.
To release the safety lock, press the other side of the Safety Lock Button.