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Sku: BVF
  • Replacement filter for your Blastvac 2 Vacuum
  • Transparent dust cap
  • Easy to carry with adjustable strap
  • Portable and lightweight


Changing and cleaning the filter:
1. To open the filter container, push the black button to the left of the on/off (O/I) switch.
2. Pull out the old filter and replace it with the new filter
If reusing the filter:
3. Empty the dust from the filter
4. Rinse the filter in cold water, and wait until it dries before replacing it into the filter container
5. Place the filter carefully into the filter container
6. Attach the filter container to the Hand Vacuum

Always unplug the Blast Vac 2 from the electrical outlet before opening the filter container (the front half of the Blast Vac 2). Please note instructions for changing the filter are also contained in the instruction manual supplied with the Blast Vac 2. The suction hole must be open and free of any obstructions at all times, otherwise the motor will overheat and could get damaged.