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Sku: AP40F

• Cleanse the air breathe
• 4 Layer Filtration
• UV Sterilizers
• Dispel Odors
• Remove Smoke and Dust
• High Concentration of Negative Ions

Purification Process
High-density cotton pre-filter

HEPA Filter

Activated carbon filter & formaldehyde adsorption

Negative Ion
Contaminants that can remove
• Bacteria
• Pollen
• Dust
• Smoke
• Formaldehyde
• Benzene

“Completely purify the indoor air building the most comfortable housing environment”
4 Layer Filtration
1. Front Sterilizing Filter: through the antibacterial treatment can kill the environmental bacteria and virus.
2. HEPA filter: H12 class filter, can effectively remove tiny dust and smoke
3. Activated carbon filter: which can effectively adsorbed the bad smell and harmful gases.
4. Formaldehyde adsorption particles: special for adsorption and decomposition the formaldehyde
Filter Changing Method
1. Hold down the lock of the cover bottom, pull on both side
2. Open the lock and move the cover
3. Take out the front cover
4. Take out the old filter, and put the raw new one in (the filter with handle towards the outside).
5. First buckle the upper part of the cover, and then push the cover back.
6. When the cover fixed well, you will hear a click voice.