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Have you ever wanted a tool to give full grooming treatment to your hair? JML Men Multi Styler is a product that makes this possible, and so much more! It is a brand new concept, and therefore, extremely lightweight and easy to handle. The 5 interchangeable heads are very easy to replace and also washable, guaranteeing the best possible operation of a device. With JML Men Multi Styler, you have a tool that will help you cut your hair, trim your beard with the classic 3-5 day old stubble, shave, clean up nose and ear hair, and give precision trim to sideburns, thanks to the special interchangeable heads.

Its lithium battery has a long autonomy at full charge, equal to 60 minutes. It is a Bi-volt device and therefore the perfect travel companion, wherever you go since it is able to adapt to all of the electrical standards. The sharp, precision blades are both stainless steel and have combs in different sizes to be applied to the hair clipper: 3 mm, 6mm, 12 mm, meaning cuts can be set within a range from 0.8 mm to 12 mm.


  • Foot pedal for precise control
  • Reverse sewing
  • Stitch Speed Adjustment
  • Work Light
  • Protector and magnification feature
  • Supplied with: adapter two bobbins, needle foot pedal, threader, bobbin pin for rewinding
  • Hide away out of sight
  • Bobbin winding is easy

The Easy Stitch Max is packed with features making it the most versatile sewing machine in its price bracket. Including: a work light for precise stitching, a safety guard, reverse stitching and an amazing seven stitch patterns.

The foot pedal offers you total control even on the most difficult curves and patterns – on virtually any type of fabric. Totally portable, you can operate it using the supplied adaptor OR with batteries.

When you have finished its compact lightweight design makes it hide away out of sight until it’s needed again.